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07/20/2014 / thriftomancer

Manic quilt finished!

After roughly 7 months of work, it’s finally done. While I had fun making it, I’m quite glad this quilt’s complete.

Here’s the front, created when I got sick during the fall-to-winter seasonal shift:

Manic - front

(You’ll note that I’m using rocks to weight the quilt down this time. This is because the concrete gnome and dove, my old helpers, were busy being completely covered with tiny red ants at the time. The rocks I used instead are smoothed lake rocks from Lake Michigan. I normally use them for sewing weights.)

And a detail of the colored panel. (It’s a shame the photos got so washed out. Direct sunlight on light-colored fabric and wind makes for poor pictures.)

Manic - front detail

And here is the other side, made during/because of my cold in the winter-to-spring season change:

Manic - back
Manic - back detail

This is another backing that I like too much to relegate it to being just ‘the back.’ This quilt is 100% reversible and I’ll absolutely be using it orange-side up as much as blue.

For those curious about the stats, its top and backing are, of course, both 100% repurposed linen. The batting is cotton flannel (Because I found that I had nigh on 20 yards of flannel, previously bough for other projects and never used. 16 yards now.)

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