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07/10/2014 / thriftomancer

Resolutions: So broken

I said I was going to update more frequently this year, didn’t I? So funny…

In my defense, I haven’t had reliable access to my camera and a maker’s blog without pictures sort of defeats the purpose. Once I get my camera back, though, I’ll have a lot to show you. In the past months I’ve been up to quite a lot, I:

  • Finished the Manic quilt in a burst of, well, mania (Got sick again.)
  • Finished putting together the top of the blue-green stashbusty-quilt (Don’t know if I want to keep calling it “Concentric Squares.”)
  • Encouraged vegetation to do things it normally wouldn’t (My bonsai survived this hellish winter!)
  • Made a really cool red coat/cloak/dress-thing (And a few other clothing items I haven’t shown off yet.)
  • And manufactured a bunch of new tools for myself. A new spindle, needlebook… Cool stuff.

You’ll love it. For now though, have some music. Short Change Hero, by The Heavy. They’re good band and I bet you’ve heard at least one song of theirs already and not even known it. This particular song was the opening song for Borderlands 2.

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