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02/17/2014 / thriftomancer

99 blocks of quilt on the floor

I’ve done a lot of piecing lately and what was once a loose assortment of affiliated blocks is now a solid chunk of quilt top. 99 6″ squares joined together into what will be the center of the quilt.

Blue-green center

After taking stock of my fabric stores vs. the state of my scrap stash, I decided to make a stylistic change.

My original design called for a 13 x 15 array of 6″ blocks, final dimensions 78″ x 90″. The change will be that, instead of having 6″ blocks right to the edge, I’m going to start making 3″ and 2″ square blocks.

There will be 3 rows/columns of each size so the blocks will sort of fade out towards the edges. It’ll give 15″ of space, not quite a border, around the center chunk I’ve got now. The new final dimensions will be a slightly larger 84″ x 96″.

I decided on this change for two reasons:

1) Instead of stash busting and using up all my scraps as I’d hoped, I found I was actually generating more by cutting down larger pieces in order to get the 6″ long strips I needed to finish the larger blocks. If I started making smaller blocks (cores, really), I could use all those small pieces and accomplish my goal.

2) I’m getting tired of the 6″ size. That simple, really.

When I started making this quilt, I made the block cores you’ve seen and thought I might just keep them that small. Not progress to a larger block at all and just have tiny units make up the whole top. Then I did the math and realized I’d need over 2000 of them and my excitement over a tiny core quilt cooled. If I do it this way though, I can use a little of that first plan and see how it goes. Huzzah!

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