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02/03/2014 / thriftomancer

Another new year!

Happy 2014, everyone! Belated, I know, but now that things have settled down I can show you what I was up to over the holidays and what is on my plate at the moment. (I bet you’re intensely excited.)

For example, there was this quilt.

An x-mas quilt!

(That’s the back of the pieced top, but the lighting was best in this pic.)

This year I’ve decided I need to update more (always) and on a wider variety of things because this blog is supposed to be about learning and making “stuff,” and that means more than textiles. There will still be a bunch of textile work, of course, but I’ll also be writing about:

  • Bonsai (year 2 for my saplings)
  • Crafting armor and metalwork
  • Dwarven beards

It’s going to be fun, you’ll love it.

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