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11/26/2013 / thriftomancer

1 of 3, done!

Welp, it’s that time of year again, the present-making season where I can’t post much of anything without revealing gift-spoilers. I can, however, show you this. My HST quilt is done!

Cotton scrap HST - front

You might notice that I replaced the blue batik with a black/cream pinstripe. (Which is actually a linen blend and not cotton at all, but we don’t mention that.) I thought the stripes looked better with the other patches’ patterns than the more circular forms in the batik.

Here’s the back:

Cotton scrap HST - back

I was originally going to use that purple plaid shirting all by itself, then I remembered that a solid backing would waste an opportunity to use up even more of my blue/green scraps. So I cut up all the remaining scraps I could into 1.5″ wide strips and made a semi-pieced backing.

Cotton scrap HST - back detail

I didn’t expect it to get so wibbly, but I like it more than if the rows were all perfectly straight.

(Note: I took these pictures inside instead of out on the line like I normally do with my ‘done!’ pictures. This is because, at the moment, it’s a balmy 29 degrees F outside and windy. Welcome back, winter.)

This quilt is also the first time I’ve ever used polyester batting and I got some questions about it, so let me do a mini-review really quick:

I only chose to use poly because I foresaw destruction by cheese at the hands of my family when someone (my dad) inevitably dropped crumbs on it. Based on the poly horror stories I’d heard, I figured using the stuff was going to be a sacrifice I’d have to make in order to have the quilt last any appreciable amount of time.

I used Soft and Warm, made by The Warm Company. (The folks who make the cotton batting I normally use.) It’s needle-punched with no scrim and I was surprised by how distinctly not-terrible it was. It was soft, fluffier than I’m used to, and easy to stitch, so… Thumbs up. I still like my cotton batting, but this poly is pretty all right. I’m still keeping an eye out for bearding, haven’t seen nay yet, but it’s under observation.


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