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10/01/2013 / thriftomancer

Doubling up again

I’ve started a second quilt!

Now that the Manic quilt (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) is well under way I figured it would be safe enough. I was holding off on starting this next one since I didn’t know how much blue and gray I would need and didn’t fancy accidentally running out in the midst of piecing, but now that Manic requires nothing but black I’m free to go on with my previous (-ly abandoned) plan of a blue and green quilt.

Right now the idea is to make a bunch of tiny, Beatrice Lanter-inspired cores like these:

Block cores

That’s what I’ve made thus far. 45 of them: 42 new and 3 that I originally made for the Culture quilt but didn’t include. I haven’t decided how large to make each block yet, but at the moment I’m wavering between 6″ or 8″ square when finished. Either way I’ll need quite a few blocks, 195 or 120 respectively, so that mass utilization of my blue and green scraps that I wanted is so on! I’ve already used up a large portion of my more miniscule scraps making those cores and couldn’t be happier about it.


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