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06/04/2013 / thriftomancer

One down, one to go

The checkerboard quilt is completed!

Its final dimensions are 58″ x 69″, so the perfect size for a couch quilt. For the record, it’s hand quilted with a repurposed linen top, cotton batting, and a black cotton backing. (Also, note the return of the gnome.)

I’m actually really happy with how this one turned out. All the tiny squares I used in it were scraps that I passed over again and again while making other scrap quilts. By the time I got around to using them in this, they were all at least quadruple-rejects, so I’m glad they finally have a purpose (and are out of my stash). Individually they may have been losers, but together the look pretty cool. (I think my favorite part is the stripe/chunk of lime green towards the middle.)

So that’s the ‘one down.’ The one still to go is the other quilt that I started almost immediately after the home and garden show. It’s also cool. You’ll be seeing it soon.


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