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05/21/2013 / thriftomancer

Scrap Checkerboard Quilt

This is the first of the two new quilts I mentioned last post. It may look a little familiar.


It’s the culmination of my stash-busting spree from last November. I made mention of it in this post and showed this little section of the rough layout:


This quilt took quite a while to come together, mostly because it was my backburner project. I didn’t really have a plan for it other than I was going to take these:


And make them into a section of patchwork that would be used in something somehow sometime in the indistinct future. Once I finished the checkerboard I folded it up, put it away, and moved on to other projects.

It languished in storage until the fateful spring day (That was way, way too cold to actually be considered ‘spring.’ Thanks, Michigan.) when I decided “I could really use a lap quilt for the couch. It’s flippin’ freezing.”

I pulled it out, added a border, put the backing on, and started quilting.

Right now I have the border quilted and am working on the actual checkerboard section. It’s going to be cool.


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  1. Jessie / Jul 8 2013 11:12 pm

    I love all the linen quilts you’ve been making! An interesting blog you have here.

    PS if I added a tag to my blog for picking it up after months of neglect, it would have to go on pretty much every post :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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