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04/01/2013 / thriftomancer

Good news, everyone!

I’ve been invited to show my quilts alongside the Image and Arts Council of Troy at the Novi Home and Garden Show this weekend (April 5 – 7). I’m so excited I actually used the word “stoked” to describe my state and meant it, that should tell you something.

In honor of the event I finally got to work making a new line/batch of bracelets that I’d been thinking of and had designs for, but never moved on up until now. They’ll be available for sale alongside my quilts.

Repurposed cuff bracelets

They’re made out of sleeve cuffs and buttons saved from the shirts I’ve deconstructed for fabric; and wee bits of the fabrics themselves, of course. All the buttons and/or bits are sewn on by hand with either regular thread or embroidery floss.

One thing I really like about these is that they’re easy to resize. It really doesn’t matter if the bracelet is too big or small because all I have to do to make it fit is move the button.

Sidenote: This is the original bracelet I made years ago that inspired the design.

Cuff bracelet predecessor

I made it from scratch out of linen and batting after deciding that the shell buttons I got from all the for-repurposing clothing were far too pretty to languish out of sight in a drawer. After I finished it, I realized ‘Hm, it might have been better to use a shirt cuff as the bracelet body.’, but I still love it.

Moral(s) of the story: Shell buttons are pretty, repurpose whenever possible, and come see the show in Novi.

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