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01/22/2013 / thriftomancer

Reincarnating a sweater

All right, here’s the first look at that experimental yarn repurposing I mentioned a while back. These yarns are the first test batch.

In about a week I took a 100% wool sweater (here’s the front panel)-

Sweater panel: Before

And unraveled it into a series of tiny yarn balls. Then I re-spun it, joining three strands of the yarn at once into a single. Here it is on my spindle.

Spinning a single

After I exhausted my supply of each color (I did this three times to make skeins of red, variegated light and dark gray, and white) I wound the single off my spindle to a knitting needle and Navajo plied it. That gave me a nice, chunky 3-ply yarn that I’ve already got a plan for. (Hint: It’s a rug.)

To set the twist I wound the yarn into skeins, secured each, then soaked them in water and hung them to dry under tension. Once they’d dried, they were ready to go.

Here are the finished skeins.

Finished skeins

Finished yarn close-up

It seems to work well and be replicable, so you can look forward to a more in-depth tutorial (as well as a spinning basics tut) in the near future.


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