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01/19/2013 / thriftomancer

All in a Saturday’s work

Today was busy.

I (finally) put the finishing touches on my new pair of 90’s-era JNCO jeans, the culmination of a week’s worth of work on said trousers. A lengthy process of removing ridiculously-located pockets, ripping out a lot of machine embroidery, re-dyeing the whole shebang to a darker indigo-gray (1 packet black, 1/2 packet indigo over the preexisting light stonewashed indigo), reattaching the pockets in a place where they’re actually useable, and hemming the legs so I don’t trip on my own pants and break myself. (That’s always embarrassing.)

Once I finished that, I took a quick inventory of my linen stash and figured out what I had in stock. Apparently I’m almost out of red, black, and brown; but have more yellow than I’ll ever know what to do with. I also pulled out some stripey prints which I think I’ll use to make dishtowels (with the big panels) and cut the remainder into strips for crochet.

With a shopping list in mind, I headed out to the Salvation Army (in my new jeans) to hunt for fabric. Didn’t find any. What happened instead is that I found a bunch of glassware that would be useful for starting plants from seed and a cool little pot, which lead me to my most important thing of the day: The realization that I’m a bad plant mom. I always seem to forget and thus kill any plant left in my care. This needs to change.

When I got home with my loot ($5 in all) I cleaned it all up and set to work repotting and rehydrating a few poor houseplants I had thoroughly neglected over the winter. My wee indigo plant is in a new dish with plenty of water (hopefully it’ll come back), I have approximately 80 pea seeds being tested for viability in a pyrex pan, and there’s now a small pot full of moss that should be able to recover from the near-mummification it suffered. (I’m sorry!)

The moss ICU

It’s a hardy little bryophyte, so it should be okay.


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