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11/27/2012 / thriftomancer

Another Branch

The stashbusting that split into two (quilt and vest) has now veered off again onto a third path of I’m not quite sure what. (Which means it’ll turn out amazingly.)

What happened was this: After the half log cabin blocks had knocked down the sheer size of my scrap stash and the vest polished off the fairly sizable quantity of dark blue and gray scraps that remained, I found I still had quite a lot of purple, brown, natural, and black left. I didn’t just want to leave them to be passed over yet again, so in the spirit of cleaning everything out, I had to figure out something to do with them.

The answer came when I remembered I still had at least 150 2.5″ squares of green linen in various shades left over from the postage stamp quilt. (No green was used in that project, so it’s pretty much the only color I had left in squares.) If I cut all the scraps in my stash to 2.5″ squares to match the green, then I could use them all up (and be even more efficiently stashbusting), so I did. All of it became squares.

My plan for them thus far is to work them into a section of checkerboard-ish patchwork that I may include on a quilt at some point in the future, since there’s definitely not enough there to make an entire top.

So! here’s where I stand at the moment:

1 Stack of blocks to be joined into a top.

Split log cabin laid out

1 Scrappy indigo jacket that’s basted, but needs final seams and stitching.

Scrap jacket - almost done

1 Floor covered in 902 variously colored squares of linen in need of purpose and direction.

A checkerboard?

1 Practically empty scrap stash that I know will be full again almost instantly.

Good work team.


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