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11/13/2012 / thriftomancer

The scraps diverge!

Okay, it’s been 10 days and I seem to be getting my scraps under control again. Somewhat. All 72 of the half log cabin blocks I needed for the quilt top have been assembled and cut to 9.5″ square.

A stack 'o blocks

The only things I’ve really got to do now are figure out how they should go together (layout is important), join them, then decide on a backing. At the moment I’m considering a solid muslin backing like I used for the Lazy Gal quilt since it worked well then and has held up admirably thus far. And it’s easy.

These blocks, however, only used up most of my scraps. There’s still a quantity of pretty much every color except yellow that needs attending to. My idea is to make a few patchwork jackets (or vests, haven’t quite decided yet) primarily using the scraps.

A collar-to-be

These are pieces of a green and dark blue striped collar-to-be. (Or maybe a quilt back’s accent, still haven’t decided.) I’ll work on getting them together next. If they do go to clothing, I may have to dip into ‘new’ fabric to finish, but I’ll have accomplished my stash-busting goal and have several(?) cool new things to wear.


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