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10/22/2012 / thriftomancer

Crazy Mill Ends

It’s official, I’ve got a new favorite yarn. While I’m not that much of a knitter, this stuff is just plain awesome. It’s called Crazy Mill Ends and is produced by the Stonehedge Fiber Mill, a local (sort of) Michigan sheep farm and mill that operates out of the East Jordan area.

The yarn itself is a nice, soft wool and llama 2-ply affair that’s between worsted and sock weights (depends on the skein you buy). Fun to work with, but what makes it so special is the colors.

These skeins have truly random and intriguing color combinations. I say “truly random” because they are actually random. Truly. They aren’t like the regular multicolor/variegated yarns you find that have a repeating pattern or shared dye lots; the mill spins singles in one color until they run out, then they grab another color and meld it on, spinning in that until it’s gone and so forth. As a result, when the singles are plied you get bizarre color combos that look absolutely right and wrong at the same time and are utterly unique.

I’ve looked through at least 200 skeins of the stuff in the shop and never found a repeat. Sure, there are similar and complementary color combos, but no twins anywhere. It’s beautiful, the first thing I’ve ever found that’s both mass-produced and non-replicable. I think it’s that combo of good materials and random individuality that makes me love it so.

Right now I’m making a scarf out of the stuff. I know, I know. A scarf, who could have guessed? There’s actually a reason besides laziness this time. Each skein is completely unique, so I couldn’t do too large a project and risk running out of my one of a kind yarn. I got these two complementary skeins with the intention that when they ran out, yon scarf would be done no matter how long it was.

My new favorite yarn

I started with the yellow-gray (actually a light cream with threads of black) centered ball, cast on 32 stitches, and proceeded to K2 P2 for hours (listening to Dune as I worked) until I finally finished it a few days ago.

Mill Ends in scarf form

The final length is 8’9″, so perfectly in keeping with my ridiculously long/keep-going-until-you-run-out MO. It might stretch even further with wear, can’t really tell.

Whatever happens to it, I love the finished product and it was fun to make. This stuff knits up incredibly fast for a yarn its size and is really soft, which isn’t helping with what I fear may be a first bout of yarn addiction.

I’ve got one more skein that I’m planning to make a hat with, then I guess I’ll have to buy some more. There are still quite a few skeins that I like the colors of, so we’ll see.


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  1. Verónica / Oct 22 2012 9:53 pm

    Those colors do look nice!

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