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10/07/2012 / thriftomancer

Worm Fence!

It’s done! I finished pulling out the basting thread yesterday morning. (There was a lot of it, as always.)  Worm Fence is officially ready to corral worms on the worm ranch! Or, keep somebody warm, I guess. Whatever works.

Worm Fence

Lookin’ squirmy. (Also, note the return of the gnome and his dove compatriot.)

Its final dimensions are 70″ x 82″. Its top is, as  always, 100% repurposed linen while the backing is new cotton (black) and the batting is pieced, needlepunched cotton. It was all quilted by hand, as is my wont. (And I’m sad to say this time I did rip up my fingers a little. Not as bad as it could be/has been in the past, but I worked too fast for sure.)

This pattern was a lot of fun. I just finished, but I’m already pondering a Worm Fence MkII. Maybe set the blocks on point for a horizontal or vertical zig-zag, or perhaps make the zigs of pieced strips on a solid background. It’s all very nebulous at the mo and more planning needs be done, but the idea’s there.


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  1. mosaicthinking / Oct 7 2012 4:31 am

    That’s come out really well. Good job.

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