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10/07/2012 / thriftomancer

Lightbulb horror

In my kitchen we’ve got one of those big, frosted glass globes that goes over a standard lightbulb to make it look presentable.

The Kitchen Light

Now, as anyone who has ever had one of these (or a light fixture like it) can attest, they collect dead bugs. Those poor insects that fly in, attracted by the light, then can’t get out and die inside. They fall to the bottom and make a big blotchy silhouette that you end up growing used to and ignoring because it’s above eye level, not terribly urgent, and you hardly ever look up.

Well, tonight we happened to look up to found this lying in wait:

Surprise Spider

Now, to give you a sense of scale, that globe is approximately 11″ in diameter.

My little bro, brave guy that he is, volunteered to take the globe down and get the spider out of the house because it was creeping mum out. (And because he, like me, is fond of spiders.)

Risking it

Note that thus far we had been operating on the assumption that it was dead in there like the other wee critters lying on the inside of the globe and we’d not noticed because we rarely look up at it.

Not Dead!

It was not. His expression there is entirely warranted.

Just look at her!

She’s actually kind of cute.

We think she’s a grass spider, nothing too spooky or special, apart from her size and proximity to us. (On the subject of size, compare her to the silhouette of my bro’s fingers through the glass.)

She and the globe are currently outside on the deck in the hopes that she’ll crawl out on her own and leave and we won’t have to kill her to get her out of our light fixture. We’ll see if she’s still in residence in the morning.


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