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09/30/2012 / thriftomancer

Quilting under way

It’s been a while, but I’ve been steadily chugging away on the Worm Fence since last post. As of right now the top’s completely done, the backing’s attached, and the whole thing is about 70% quilted. In other words, it’s coming along fairly well.

Here’s a shot of the top before it was joined to the back/batting:

Worm Fence top

By my count it took roughly 10 hours total to piece it all. Interestingly, at least to me, the top has 335 individual seams in it. 168 to make the blocks, 156 joining the blocks into strips, and 11 joining the strips. The interesting bit is that the top has 336 patches in it. There’s a seam for every patch but one, which falls into that twisty area of geometry where it makes sense on paper and in fact, but makes your eyes start to fuzz when you think about it too much. It’s right, and it does make sense, it just seems a little weird when you think about how the top actually went together. (Sort of makes me want to go back and inspect my other quilts. See if they’re the same.)

Now I’ve just got to finish the quilting. I’ve been stitching in a hybrid outline/echo pattern following the purple zigs’ edges, then filling in the stripes with parallel lines. The black lines aren’t quilted, so they paradoxically puff up but don’t stand out. It’s nifty.

There are 3.5 stripes left to quilt (and they’re the long ones in the middle, yay) before I can tie the final knot and call it done.


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