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09/17/2012 / thriftomancer

A long stint of precise cutting

After several days at it I’ve cut the requisite 336 rectangles needed to make the Worm Fence top. 168 in black and 168 in varying amount of the purples. As it turned out, I did end up using all but one of the purples I had originally laid out as possibles.

Here are all the patches laid out:

Pieces cut

Each is 3.5″ x 6.5″ for a 6.5″ square block. The black pieces are just stacked up because they’re all the same and order doesn’t really matter, but the purples are arranged by which stripe/zig-zag they’ll be on the finished top. Upper row left end is going to be the lower left corner of the finished product and it scrolls across rightwards from there. (I had to break the line into 2 rows so it’d fit in the frame in a reasonable fashion.)

What you can’t really see in the picture is that I drew a proper to-scale draft of the quilt top in my design notebook (hence why it’s in the shot). Unlike the quick doodle in the basic planning sketch I showed you all, this one actually has the 12 x 14-block dimensions I’ll be using and let me get an accurate count of how many purple patches I would need for each stripe.

The slips of paper you can see on each stack of purple are numbered 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 24, 23, 19, 15, 11, 7, 3 and are to help me keep track of which stack will make which stripe.

It was pretty useful having a plan and knowing what I was doing ahead of time. Who would’ve guessed?

These are all the pieces pinned and ready for piecing.

Stacks pinned!

I actually ran out of normal pins while putting them all together and had to break out my ultra-fine dressmaker’s pins. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. I could have waited instead and sewn everything in two batches, but now I’ll just have to pay extra attention while sewing and make sure each type gets back to the proper boxes. Sorting them all out later isn’t something I really want to do.



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  1. mosaicthinking / Sep 18 2012 3:07 am

    Is worm fence the same as rail fence? I’m guessing they’re closely related. Those subtle colour variations in your cut fabrics sure look exciting.

    • thriftomancer / Sep 18 2012 8:15 pm

      I assume so. It’d make sense that worm fence is just a different (cooler) name. And thanks! I had all the blocks laid out today and it looks even better than I expected. ^_^

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