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09/12/2012 / thriftomancer

New Quilt: Worm Fence

I made the coat first so I would be sure to have enough black linen to finish it properly. Now I can start on the new quilt I talked about a while back without having to worry about accidentally using up fabric I’d set aside for other projects.

This is another one of those patterns like Tents of Armageddon where I heard the name and couldn’t resist. I mean, come on. Worm. Fence. It’s excellent.

It’s also very simple. Just one block rotated 90° every other square with only two pieces of fabric in each block. It makes an all-over zig-zag pattern.

Here’s my concept/draft/sketch of the top:

Worm Fence sketch

So far I’m planning to use black and purple linen. This is what I’ve got to work with after the Lazy Gal quilt.

Worm Fence fabric choices

I think it’ll be enough, but I did pick up another lavender-ish shirt just in case. Still not sure if I’ll actually use all those colors or if I’ll try to stick to the more blue and gray-hued ones, but it’s definitely going to be very purple.


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