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09/11/2012 / thriftomancer

Coat(s) done!

The Caligari coat is officially finished. I wrapped up construction on it earlier and wore it out for the first time to run some errands. ‘Tis really comfy.

Caligari - front

Caligari - back

Here are some close-ups so you can see the patchwork on the sleeves and hood better.

Caligari - hood detail

Decorative gray outside and blue in. Hopefully now my text-only description from last post makes a little more sense.

Caligari - sleeve detail

And the design continues in the sleeve cuffs. That blue is actually the exact same fabric I used in the Moreau coat. Seems like I’m using it in everything lately. And I still haven’t shown off the Moreau’s new hood. Let me rectify that:

Moreau - front

Yep. That is certainly a head covering.

Moreau - back

The blue stripe makes the hood wonderfully roomy.

And I should probably show you all this too. This is the blue coat I didn’t document the making of. (Technically I did, and I’ve got pics of the progress if anyone really wants to see, I just never bothered to share them.)

Gennai - front

Gennai - back

This one I made entirely from scratch. No altered shirtdresses here, just raw repurposed linen to start with. I used 4 different blues and a pattern I derived from a goth-esque coat a friend of mine owns. It turned out a tad more kimono than coat because of the collar, which is entirely handstitched/sashiko’d, but its very comfy and I like it a lot.

I’m thinking of calling it the Gennai coat after this guy to continue my emergent (mad) scientist theme.


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  1. annie / Sep 22 2012 12:08 pm

    Discovering you from Pinterest. Enjoying the work here very much.

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