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09/05/2012 / thriftomancer

Chessex vs. Gamescience

In the dice world, rolling in a truly random manner is serious business.

For a long time, the company GameScience (owned by Lou Zocchi, inventor of the Zocchihedron) has claimed that their dice are more truly random than their competitors’ due to their distinct  manufacturing process. (Wherein they leave out about three steps of the process that the other companies use. Probably saves a lot of money for them.)

The exact nature of their manufacturing process and the claim are explained in this, documentation of an experiment pitting “GameScience precision dice against Chessex dice (the largest RPG dice manufacturer) to see what science has to say”:

I love this experiment, for obvious reasons (dice dice dice) as well as for the fact that it determines empirically whether Zocchi’s until-now unproven claims of superior quality are accurate or (as I have often suspected) if GameScience is full of crap.

The only thing that puzzles me has to do with the experimenters’ methodology. Why roll the dice by hand? I would have used a dice tower to get random rolls and save my hands a lot of use. Other than that, good science. Fairly awesome blog too.


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