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08/20/2012 / thriftomancer

More MkII’s

I was looking over my traffic stats and noticed that, as of late, my most popular/read posts are all about dice and/or dice bags. This makes me happy, since it gives me an excuse to talk about dice more.

It’s well-timed too, because for the last week or so I’ve been working on retooling my dice storage system. That’s right: More dice bags!

Up until now I’ve been sorting my dice by hue (a bag for warm, cool, and neutral color groups each), which was nice aesthetically, but made it somewhat of a chore to find the specific dice I needed. My new system has a separate bag for each type/shape of dice. That adds another 3 bags to the count, but I don’t mind since I like making them. In fact, I just went through and made a whole suite of new bags.

They’re all 100% linen and of the same pattern/construction as the MkII bag I showed in the past, though they vary slightly in size. Here they are:

The next gen of dice bags!

Going from right to left we’ve got

  • d4’s in black/yellow. This bag’s small since I hardly ever use d4’s.
  • d6’s in brown/light blue. Large, since I have so, so many d6’s. More than any other type of die.
  • d8’s in light blue/black and white pinstripe. A medium bag for these. I have plenty and will likely end up with more since they’re vital for monks.
  • d12’s in gray/lime green. d12’s are by far my favorite dice. I’ll end up with a lot of them, so they need a medium bag. It’s a shame so few systems actually use them.
  • d10’s in purple/brown. These get a large bag because I a) have a ton of them and b) it holds everything that’s a pentagonal trapezohedron, i.e. both d10’s and d%’s, and double duty requires more volume.
  • d20’s in indigo/steel blue. Another large bag here because just about everything uses d20’s and any nerd worth their salt has a fleet of them.
  • Unique dice in black/gray. These are the dice of weird shape/size/numbering scheme/material that I have more as collector’s pieces than for game play. The bag itself is actually a carry-over from the last batch I made.

The best thing about all these new bags, aside from the obvious pro of better organization, is that now I have plenty of space that I can fill with new dice. Cue me buying new dice. In Ann Arbor. Tomorrow. Fun will be had!


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