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07/18/2012 / thriftomancer

Lazy Gal complete?

I’m not sure if it’s totally done, but I got enough finished quilting-wise that I confidently pulled out all the basting stitches, folded it up, and slung it over the arm of the couch. Feels good.

Looks all right too.

Lazy Gal - front

There was one snag while quilting the natural linen section. I found a small hole in one of the strips that I must’ve overlooked while cutting and had to patch ere I could continue.

Lazy Gal detail - a tiny patch

Decided to use one of my hexies, just because.

(A note about these photos: It’s been thunderstorming all last night and today, which means heavy cloud cover, which means no sun, which means there was no wind, which made it a perfect time to photograph a quilt. Really. I waited for the rain to stop, then dashed out for a lightning-quick photoshoot. Got everything set up, snapped, and back inside in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately the storm only broke for 8 or so, but nothing got too wet.)

What’s strange about this quilt though is that, like I said, I’m not sure if it’s done.

I’m questioning whether to do more quilting, or not, because I tried something different this time. Instead of quilting with regular sewing thread as is my wont, I used embroidery floss. Got 15 hanks in the appropriate colors and went to town.

Right now the quilting pattern is simple: Vertical lines in floss that matches the color of fabric under it running the length of the top with about 3″ of space between  each line. Here’s the back of the quilt where you can actually see the stitches.

Lazy Gal - back

It’s secure and, if I wanted, I could safely leave it as it is.

What I was thinking of doing, since I still have plenty of floss, is run more lines across at random intervals between the ones I’ve already stitched. It would give a little more texture and, if I used a contrasting color of floss, make the stitching stand out/spread the purple and brown around a bit.

It could really improve the piece, create some balance between the importance of the patchwork and quilting. On the other hand, I could end up doing too much. After all, it’s when you try to make something perfect that you ruin it.

I’ll have to think on it more, but for now it’s ready to be put into use.



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  1. Maryanne / Jul 19 2012 2:01 am

    WOW, it’s beautiful!!! (esp the hexie!!) WEll done x

  2. annie / Sep 22 2012 12:03 pm

    I love the simplicity of this design. The colors are soft and subtle. Perfect.

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