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07/10/2012 / thriftomancer

Taking it easy

So I’ve decided what to do for the back of this quilt and picked a better name for it to boot.

‘Strip quilt’ wasn’t doing it for me. Just too generic, since anything assembled in strips can be called a strip quilt. Instead I think I’ll take a leaf out of the Gee’s Bend quilters’ book and call it a ‘Lazy Gal.’ Found the name while flipping through my sourcebooks, describing this quilt:

I think the use of long, strippy bars ties my quilt to the style enough to merit the name, even if I didn’t do the entire top in them (in fact, the solid natural section may entitle it even more), so ‘Lazy Gal’ it is.

And, fittingly, I’ve decided to be lazy with the back. Instead of one of my customary pieced backings (aka front #2) I’m just going to use a solid expanse of unbleached muslin. It’ll be easy, fast, and allow me to focus on the actual quilting.


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