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07/05/2012 / thriftomancer

A new top

Have you ever had a project that you just got totally absorbed in? Involved to the point where you wake up in the morning, start working, and only stop because when you look up you see it’s gotten dark and you realize you should really eat something? It’s probably bad for me nutritionally, ergonomically, and a few other -allys too, but I rather like being able to just cut loose like that and make things.

On a related note, the strip quilt’s top is done as of yesterday evening.

I spent Monday night and most of Tuesday on assembling the brown and purple strip sections. Ironing, cutting, finalizing color/arrangement decisions, and piecing. All that. By Wednesday I had this ready:

Half a top

That section’s 82″ x 40ish” to give a better sense of scale.

On Wednesday I made the other half of the top (while watching the 4th of July Firefly marathon on the Science Channel) out of natural linen. It was more of a challenge to design than I expected.

With the other side of the quilt as busy with color, shape, an texture as it is, the natural linen would just look like a cop-out if I used a solid panel. It would also look cheap if I continued the vertical strips across using only the natural linen, a ‘why did she bother?’-type result that would come from having the patchwork but no color change to merit it.

What I did was meld the two ideas and made a few vertical strips in different shades of natural (more rough to more bleached/refined) to carry the strip motif over into the natural side then used (semi-)solid panels for the rest.

Top's done!

To break up the solid a little (and take up space because I found I didn’t actually have a piece big enough to cover the entire area) I also added the quilt’s only horizontal element in a row of tiny rectangles. Note that the one three from the left is a slightly darker shade of natural. Because I could. Also, sorry for the shadowy quality of the picture. Like I mentioned earlier, it was getting dark by the time I took it.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. It’s amazing what one can do with three colors and one shape.

Now, what to do for the back?


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