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06/22/2012 / thriftomancer

Take five and turtles

I’ve noticed that of late my hands have started twinging after time spent making. It’s peaked my suspicions that this may be the onset of a repetitive stress-related injury of some sort. The idea is quite reasonable considering the near-constant barrage of sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, knotting, writing, typing, mouse operation, videogaming, and book handling that my hands endure on a daily basis. Poor things.

So I’m going to have to take more breaks and pace myself, like I should have done from the start, while making to keep my hands from exploding. How unfortunate.

Unrelated, here’s a picture I found while rifling through my files.

Behold, the tiniest possible, freshly-hatched baby turtle!

Archibald Turtleton

He was found walking across the driveway at the library (a few months ago during hatching season), happily going about his reptilian business without a care in the world.

In order to save him from premature flatness at the hands (Tires?) of a car, little Archibald Turtleton (yes, that’s his name) came home to live in my lake.

In many situations relocating wild animals on one’s own like that is a bad practice. If you’re not careful you can accidentally end up stranding them in the wrong habitat or a generally dangerous place or accidentally introduce an invasive species to an area.

In this case it was all right because Archibald is a painted turtle, a native species that’s already present and thriving in my lake. I know he’ll do well here.

Go into the water

Go turtle go


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