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05/22/2012 / thriftomancer

Dice dice dice


I realized earlier today that it’s been quite a while since I looked over my entire dice collection and in that time I know I’ve obtained a whole slew of new additions, so I took some time to lay them all out and get a proper count. Accurate inventory is important, after all.

Here they are, all lined up and ready to sound off with their respective bags close at hand. (It occurs to me that this is the first time you’ve seen all six of my dice bags. Hm.)

The collection as of 5-22-2012

The results of my roll call were:

2 d30
1 d24
82 d20 (3 are MTG spin-downs and 1 is a d20-within-a-d20)
1 d16
1 d14
33 d12 (1 barrel)
22 d% (1 barrel)
70 d 10 (1 barrel)
33 d8
222 d6 (3 barrel, 1 bone, 1 spherical, 10 tiny)
1 d5
31 d4 (3 barrel)
2 d3
6 d2 (Yes, d2s are coins. Mine are all funky foreign ones I’ve picked up from flea markets and such.)

For a total of 507 dice.

Note that this count was taken after I pulled out 30 dice to give to a bud of mine who just started playing Pathfinder. (It is the solemn duty of all established players to aid newbies in their quest by providing dice, character sheets, 10-foot poles, and other vital supplies. Be a good gamer, support your newbs!) So I’ve actually got 537 dice until I part with those on Thursday.

The best part is that by the end of our outing Thursday I’ll have likely fully refilled the ranks with more dice or perhaps even exceeded today’s count. Some people would call this a problem. I call it jolly good fun.


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