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05/09/2012 / thriftomancer

Postage Stamp Continues

Quadrants 9 through 12 are done! This means I’m 75% done with the top.

This new row marks a change in my design plan. From the start I’ve been making quadrants in my 4×4 grid of 16 vertically first, then expanding out horizontally. For example, I made quadrant 1, then 4 to go under it. Then 2, followed by 5 to go under that, and the two quadrants were then tacked on to the side of the 1 and 4 section.

I did that for quadrants 1 to 8, but now that I have two whole rows of the top done I’ve decided to work horizontally first.

My thought is that working two rows separately for 9 to 16 instead of continuing in the same way I did for 1 to 8 will give me more options in arranging my colors. If it ends up that the quadrant I’ve designated “1” isn’t the best choice for the upper-left corner of the top, then I’ll be able to build a row over it and have quadrant 1 move down a space to become the new quadrant 5. This is becoming rather important because it feels like I’m running out of squares.

Logically I know there will be enough as far as numbers go, but the supply feels strained because I’m quickly running out of variety in the fabric selection now that 75% of the squares have been used. Makes me worry about being able to maintain a nice mixture of colors through to the end of the project. It’s something that always happens in these projects where I use scraps, but I’ve never managed to get used to it. I already cut more squares in blue solids and some of the nearly exhausted fabrics to compensate.


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