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05/06/2012 / thriftomancer


I’ve just come down with a serious case of the warm fuzzies thanks to Victoria and Mary-Anne of Wool Hogs who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. As a token of my thanks, have a dramatic sunset.

A dramatic sunset

And, as the warm fuzzies are highly contagious, I’d like to nominate the fine bloggers for their entertaining and inspiring contributions to the internet:

Congrats, guys. You rock!

And now, because it’s part of the rules, 7 things about me:

1) I love tea. I take mine without any sort of sweetener or extras (milk, lemon, yada) and if my calculations are correct, I drink it at least twice as much as any other beverage.

2) Thought I don’t mention it as often as my other gaming pursuits, I’m an avid videogamer. My current game to finish is Etrian Odyssey 2, aka “Everything in there will kill you mercilessly, yes, even that fluffy bunny.” It’s an old Atlus game and thus far beyond Nintendo Hard, but I apparently am a massive masochist enjoy a challenge.

2.5) I believe you can never finish a Pokemon game. You can beat the Elite Four and all that comes after, catch every pokemon and train them all to level 100, get all the items, hunt down shinys, own the contests, and buy your way to all the Game Corner’s prizes, but you’ll never be “finished.” It’s impossible.

3) When I was a little girl I had about a dozen snakes as pets.

4) I am a comic scholar. I value Marvel over DC, but if you have a question about most anything in either universe as well as many series published by Dark Horse, Image, Vertigo, and manga publishers in general; chances are very good that I will have an accurate answer for you, usually off the top of my head. Seriously, try me.

5) I don’t have a favorite color, just a rule to try not to use all my favorite colors at once or, failing that, to use them well.

6) Try as I might I can’t think of any irrational fears I have. All I’ve got are perfectly rational Adult Fears.

7) I’m not a fan of Jell-O, pudding, or other foods with that sort of gooshy texture.

And this one isn’t a fact about me, it’s just true. Bees are cute. Look at them, cute.


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