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04/01/2012 / thriftomancer

The madness of making and web radio

I fear I’ve gone totally, utterly, irrevocably bonkers.

Why? Well, because I decided to take on a great slew of projects all at once. Take a gander over to the right and you’ll notice I added five new items to the ‘current projects’ list: Yet another scarf, the destruction of another innocent sweater, making a crocheted rug from fabric bits, dice carving, and my first true postage stamp quilt.

That’s right, not only did I add a lot of projects, they’re all involved ones too. Leads me to believe that I must be mad.

Still, mad or otherwise, this should be fun.

The first of these projects off the line is the scarf I’m making for my bud and co-host Paul. (You can listen to a live broadcast of our show, The Dispenser, every other Saturday at It’s a show about videogames, technology, music, cars, and whatever shiny thing has caught our collective eye at the moment. Be warned, you may not wish to listen with your grandparents, your parents, your children, possibly not even your dog, and especially not your parrot in earshot as we tend to get fairly raucous. But do tune in, it’s a phenomenon.)

My first attempt at this scarf was knitting it lengthwise on my 29″ circular needles. Turns out that 29″ is not enough space to try and knit a scarf that’s 350 stitches long. Imagine.

My second attempt proved much more successful. Using the same type of ribbing as in my last scarf, I set to knitting from one end to the other in the usual manner, working in some more lovely stripes as I went.

Paul's scarf in progress

An interesting design note here, I was planning to make Paul a scarf a while before he actually asked me for one. As he is most certainly a car guy, my tentative design was to make it black and red (which everyone knows is the fastest color combination) with stripes. Racing stripes.

Curiously, that was exactly what he asked for. As far as I know, he knew nothing about my design plans, so clearly this scarf was meant to be.

Another interesting note, I’m not certain what other folks do when they knit, but as I was already in the spirit of cars and other things that go fast I watched Top Gear while making this. Vroom.


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