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03/27/2012 / thriftomancer

Slouchy hat prototype, complete!

That didn’t take long at all. Likely because, aside from the brim and very top, the pattern is entirely chain stitches. Those go quick.

To state the now-obvious, I put the finishing touches on my slouchy net (formerly puff) stitch hat yesterday night. Took a few pictures of it on my deck this morning.

Slouchy prototype - Front

This is how it would look on me if I were a slightly muddied black glass mannequin head. Lovely, no?

Slouchy prototype - Side

Slouchy prototype - Back

Since the hat is worked straight up in a tube I had a spot of bother trying to work out a way to gather and close it up without the whole thing looking stupid and overly lumpy. No sense in doing all that work only to have it look like you botched the job, right?

What I ended up doing was putting a chain stitch in each of the top loops of the netting to draw it in a little. That decreased the size of the opening in the top by about half, almost two thirds. Then I single crocheted every other stitch until I had filled in a flat spiral on the top. It worked better than I expected.

All in all, I like how this hat turned out. It’s comfy. Just tight enough that it stays on reliably, but loose enough that it doesn’t bother my ears or glasses. The slouchy bit also lets me store/tuck my hair away out of my eyes if I want without it going silly on me. All very important things to consider.

The only problem I can foresee right now is that it seems to stretch out easily. I’ve yet to see if that will be horribly problematic though, so until I can observe more, I declare this hat a success.

An interesting thing about this hat is that it didn’t take that much yarn to make. Again, I blame/credit the chain stitch aspect, but I only used up half of the sweater sleeve I was pulling my yarn from. It was the bigger half, from about shoulder to elbow, but still just half. That may work out to near a single skein of yarn. I’ll have to pay closer attention if/when/maybe at some point in the future I go back, clean up the pattern a little, and put it up here.


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