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03/12/2012 / thriftomancer

Being decisive

It’s rare that I’m a passenger in a car these days, but I was yesterday for about 40 minutes on the way to a bead show and during that time I decided how to proceed on the orange scarf. (Which is actually a misnomer now, as it’s become an orange, gray, and black scarf as of last night.) This is what it looks like now.

Orange scarf with gray - WIP

The light gray and black stripes are 10 rows wide, the dark gray ones are 12, and the strips of orange in between are 4 rows wide. I think this was a good idea since I like the way it looks and it let me add a lot of length to the scarf while preserving the little bit of orange yarn I’ve got left. (You can see my supply is really dwindling by now.)

My plan thus far is to keep up this skinny stripe pattern until I run out of orange completely, then start working thicker stripes in only the black and grays. If all goes according to plan, when the scarf is worn, the area of thin stripes will create an orange and gray cowl-like section wrapped around the wearer’s neck, hanging down from that will be a loose end of orange and one of the grays.

Huzzah for asymmetry!


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