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03/05/2012 / thriftomancer

Next on the docket

Now that I’ve finished one of my ongoing projects, it’s time to decide what to begin on next. In reality, I made this decision almost a week ago and didn’t get around to writing it up until now, but who cares about that, right? The way things worked out, I resolved to be good and make progress on one of the things I’ve already got going (a list of which is over to the right in the ‘current projects’ box on the sidebar) instead of beginning anything new. My project of choice is the crocheted scarf I’ve been making from the sweater I unraveled a while back.

I’ve gotten quite a bit done.

Repurposed scarf 1 - WIP

You might be starting to suspect I prefer ridiculously long scarves. (You’d be right.)

Right now this is nearly 9′ long. I’m planning to add an inch or two, then begin to work a continuous rectangular/spiral border of black around the whole thing to bind/finish the edges. I’ve got about 1.4 of the largest balls I wound left, so there should be plenty of yarn available to finish this up.


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