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02/26/2012 / thriftomancer

The Doctor(‘s scarf) is in!

It’s done! Completely and utterly done. From a pile of wound string to a strip of cozy, knitted string plus tassels in three weeks and three days. Makes me happy.

The Doctor’s scarf, as modeled by my deceptive dressmaker’s dummy.

The Doctor's Scarf

While I can’t say for certain how much yarn I consumed making this, I can tell you that it’s the better part (70% or more) of seven different skeins. It’s also about 7.5″ wide (30 stitches) and roughly 12′ long, not including the tassels.

What surprised me most about this whole project was, aside from how quick I finished, how fun it was. I honestly expected it to get tiring fast (it is 1042 rows of knitting, after all), but I actually enjoyed making the scarf all the way from start to finish. Maybe I’ve gotten more patient in my old age, but it never felt like work. Not once.

As it turns out, the scarf itself is lovely. Warm, flexible, not itchy in the least, and long enough to wrap into a nice cowl and still have enough material left hanging to not look silly. (Well, as not-silly as one can look while wearing the Doctor’s scarf, which, I will readily admit, is not very dignified.) A perfect accessory for gallivanting across space and time. I’m already quite fond of it.


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  1. Karen Turner / Feb 27 2012 2:58 am

    It looks great. I love the way you’ve organised the colour stripes.

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