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02/23/2012 / thriftomancer

A near disaster

Well, it’s becoming clear that I’ve not got this knitting thing completely down pat yet. When I started the Doctor’s scarf I forgot to get samples each yarn so that, should I run out of any, I could color-match easily at yon store. Silly me.

Last night I ran out of the gray and tan yarns I was using. Unfortunate because I still had a stripe of each color left to knit and I’ll still need plenty more yarn for the scarf’s tassels. Those particular two yarns were also ones I got from a garage sale, which means when I obtained them they had no tags or bands to identify what brand/color/fiber content/anything they were. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a great idea to use them in this project where I’d likely need more of the stuff than what I had.

However, as I only have about 100 or so rows left to knit, I couldn’t just give up. I set out with the 9/10ths-finished scarf wound about my neck (with the needle still in one end, ’twas a little awkward) to hunt for yarn.

Lucky for me, it turned out that the stuff was pretty common. (Or at least it’s very similar to the Paton’s “Classic Wool”-brand stuff I got.) I found it in the first place I looked and it was even on sale, 40% off. Huzzah!


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