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02/21/2012 / thriftomancer

Succumbing to peer pressure is fun!

It seems I’ve become embroiled in madness once again.

Some of my friends have decided to do a group D&D cosplay and, as I’m always looking for excuses to make new costumes, I leapt aboard this crazy train and am determined to run it off the rails. Yes, it means I’m starting yet another ongoing project (up to four now), but it’ll be fun and give me an opportunity to finally use some fabrics that I’ve had lying about for far too long.

At the moment there are 11 of us in on the plan, with each going as a different class. I’m to be the party’s Sorcerer. This means flowing robes, voluminous sleeves, a dramatic hood, and more randomly dangling bits of cloth than you can shake a staff at. No spellbook though, that’s a wizard.

I’m currently in the design phase: Getting the basic ideas, looking through the garments I already have to see what I could reuse, doing a survey of the raw fabric I’ve got on hand, yada. It really boils down to me sitting on the floor alternating between staring intensely at piles of fabric and throwing pieces of said piles about the room at random before scribbling brief things in my notebook.

So far I’ve settled on a black and blue color scheme. Progress.


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