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02/14/2012 / thriftomancer

A Weird Valentine’s

First off, happy overblown hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day, all! (Tomorrow all the candy will be 50% off, huzzah!)

So, as you likely gathered from the post’s title, today’s been fairly odd. First, I had the day off so I spent it knitting and watching horror flicks. The juxtaposition was fun since I usually don’t link films like Shutter Island (which was good) with yarn. Demolition Man maybe, but beyond that, no.

Good news is with all that time spent knitting today I’m on row 494 of 1042 of the Doctor’s scarf. 47% complete in a little under two weeks, if I start the count from where I unraveled and restarted on the third. I call that… Pretty scary, actually.

For those who wonder, 47% of the Doctor’s scarf looks a little like this:

The Doctor's scarf, WIP

The other weird thing is this CD.

Dubious Disc

My dad found it in the CD player of a used car his dealership acquired and, as is tradition there, brought it home for me.

It’s quite an intriguing mystery. The disc has seven tracks of what sounds like really good homebrew techno not-quite covers/remixes of Metallica songs. The original songs are recognizable in each track, but only chunks of them. Whoever made this went and made entirely new songs, borrowing only select riffs. In order the tracks take:


2 – No clue. This one’s really tough to pin down.

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –

7 –

The way the mixing’s done, these songs turn out sounding like Metallica’s greatest hits done in the style of the Tron Legacy soundtrack. (Movie wasn’t great, but the soundtrack was amazing.) I love it.

Try as I might (and I’ve been scouring the web and Youtube for info or sound-alikes for several hours now) I can’t find any trace of who might’ve made these songs; but, despite the mysterious circumstances of its arrival in my house and the off-chance that it may be cursed, I think this will become one of my favorite CDs.

Semi-related, if I were the teacher I’d have given this student extra credit for this answer.


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