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02/05/2012 / thriftomancer

Reblog: Keep my Device MY Device Congress…

People often don’t understand just how important protecting consumer rights is. Take a moment to check this out.

The Daily Geekbit


Hard to believe it’s been three years already! Since what you ask?


Since the Copyright office and the Librarian of Congress met to grant the last round of “fair-use” exemptions to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). These are the same exemptions that allow you to root (or jail break) your phone, tablet, game machine, etc… legally.


I feel that if I have purchased the hardware, its mine to do with as I choose. Not because I want to pirate the world, but because its my phone. If I want to smash the phone against a wall, that’s my right. If I want to make it more capable, that’s my right also.

No one tells a muscle car owner they cant put a bigger motor in their car because that circumvents good gas mileage. If I want 3 MPG, I’m allowed to get it.

If I want…

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