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02/03/2012 / thriftomancer

New yarn and alterations

Went out to buy some yarn today so I could keep going on the good Doctor’s scarf. I already had brown, tan, purple, and gray, but the next band is yellow, followed by red so steps had to be taken. This, however, was the first time in my memory that I’ve paid full price for yarn. (I usually get it discounted with a coupon or at garage sales.)

The trip to the yarn shop in town was fun though. It’s a little independent place and, as such, has a way better selection of colors than the chain stores can offer. (Which is good because the Doc’s scarf requires muted, muddy colors that I never see at the big craft franchises.) The staff are excellent too. Good people in that shop.

And here they are, my new skeins! Like a reversed traffic light…

New yarn!

I’ll likely use all of this and need to buy more at some point, but I’m fine with that. All three are 50% acrylic, 40% wool, and 10% nylon so while I wouldn’t risk machine washing this bad boy once it’s finished, I theoretically have the option.

In other scarf news, I’ve noticed that with 41 stitches in each row (must’ve accidentally introduced an extra stitch somewhere) the scarf is pretty wide, about 10″ actually. I’m worried that if I continue at this width it’ll be too cumbersome to use when I finally finish it, as I’m fairly small and at approximately 11′ long it’ll already be plenty tricky to wear.

My plan is to unravel what I’ve got now (all 73 rows…) and re-knit it with each row having only 30 stitches. If I do that the scarf should end up being about 7″ wide and perfectly useable. I’ll also save time, work, and yarn in the long run. Huzzah! (That’s right, keep a positive outlook…)

Addendum: It’s been about three hours since I first posted this and in that time I’ve unraveled and completely re-knit the scarf to the point it was at before. How, I don’t know, as it took me several weeks to get that much done the first time around. I suspect it may have something to do with removing a fourth of the work (730 stitches) from the equation. Who would’ve guessed?



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