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01/28/2012 / thriftomancer

Tales of Bargain Hunting

Around these parts summer is garage sale season, which means that by the middle of winter all the sale hounds are anxious for an opportunity to rifle through and possibly purchase other folks’ cast-offs and junk at a pleasantly low price. Fortunately, there was a rummage sale yesterday that helped take the edge off while we wait for the return of warmer weather.

While I didn’t buy much, I got some nice things: A leather Coach bag in need of moderate restoration (Just $5, score!), some old leather belts and a gray linen dress for the materials, and four teacups.

One with ducks.

Duck mug

One with mushrooms. (Makes me think ‘hobbit.’)

Mushroom mug

An artisan-made one that’s more like a yunomi.

Blue yunomi

And a nice porcelain one covered in bamboo and calligraphy. It also has a lid.

Calligraphy cup

That last one is way nicer than the cups I usually use for my tea. (My general view on pricey teaware is that it’s pretty, but a waste. Any cup will do as long as it holds liquid, so my money should be spent on good-quality tea leaves instead.) However, these four cups together set me back just $2, so I can dig it.

Lesson learned: Rummage sales require some, well, rummaging to find the good stuff, but are absolutely worth the effort.

And while I’m in accruing-stuff-at-shamefully-low-cost mode, I made a trip to the Salvation Army today and found that they were having a ’10 for $5′ sale. (Gather 10 items with tags of the specified color and you get them all for $5, regardless of what they were previously priced at.) This means that there are now 17 cotton sweaters downstairs waiting for me to unravel them and use the reclaimed yarn for projects.

I guess this means there’ll be some knitting/crocheting/weaving projects in the near future.


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