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11/27/2011 / thriftomancer

Privacy by 3D glasses

Anyone who speaks with me about current technology will quickly learn I’m not a fan of 3D. Not at all. It’s interesting tech, yes, but I don’t approve of the gratuitous use of it  we’ve been seeing lately.

That aside, a very cool use of polarizing technology (which is what 3D amounts to these days) was recently brought to my attention.

Tired of family, roommates, friends, and random strangers seeing what’s on your screen as they pass by? (Read: Stare fixedly over your shoulder in a manner most unsettling.) Well, there are steps you can take, as detailed by this tutorial, to render your computer’s monitor unreadable to all onlookers while you work in peace.

Warning: It involves effectively mutilating your LCD monitor, so use a scrap one or at least be very, very sure of yourself.

When finished, your screen will look like this:

The basic idea behind this project is to take advantage of the polarization film built into all LCD screens. It’s that film that makes the image on the screen visible. Without it, all you see is a bright, blank whiteness.

This means that, should you remove the aforementioned film from the screen and use it to make the lenses in a pair of glasses, anyone casually looking at the altered screen will see nothing while you, wearing your spiffy polarizing glasses, will see the image normally and have complete privacy. (Unless you accidentally left the rest of the polarizing film lying about and one of your siblings made a pair of glasses for themselves. Then, watch out.)


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