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11/02/2011 / thriftomancer

Phase Three, half done and Halloween!

Spent a good chunk of time sewing today, making up more log cabin blocks from stringy scraps. (Aye, that project again.) The left over cut-offs from my ToA quilt provided plenty of scraps so I’ve been back in business.

When last I checked in I had 12 blocks finished. Not a shabby amount by any means, in fact it’s two whole rows worth of the final quilt top. Now, however, I have all 42 requisite blocks finished and will be joining them into a top soon, once I do the final pressing and squaring up. (I feel a little bad for neglecting to document the last 30 blocks as closely as I did the first few batches, but really, 30 of them is a lot.) There are still quite a few stringy scraps left though, so I may end up making a few more blocks to be incorporated into the quilt back or maybe to expand the top.  They’ll all get used up somehow.

Also of note, I actually finished quilting the ToA quilt several days ago. (Last Thursday to be exact.) Up to now I’ve just been too busy/forgotten to take proper photos of the finished product, but I should have some in the near future. (Huzzah!) What I can show you  is a pic of the Halloween costume you haven’t seen yet.

May I present the finished Black Mage.

We made everything except the gloves (obtained for a princely sum of $2 at the local flea market), walking stick, and moccasins. Pup stitched the robe and I took care of the mask and hat. I think it turned out great, especially considering the amount of improvising needed and the narrow window of opportunity we had to work in.


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