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10/25/2011 / thriftomancer

They’re here!

My dice arrived in the mail this morning. Mere moments after spotting the package sitting amidst a sea of junk mail I had it open (only slightly mauled) and its contents free.


Aren’t they lovely?

Since all seemed to be in order, it was dice time.

My matched set of borealises. (Borealisi?)

Matched borealis set

And the pound ‘o dice.

A pound of dice

In the pound I got 24 20-sided dice (d20’s), 3 12-sideds (d12’s), 18 d10’s (one of which was a d100 with _0 markings to denote a tens digit), 8 d8’s, 34 d6’s (in a multitude of sizes with both pips and numbers), and no d4’s at all. This is the first time I’ve not gotten any of a single shape of die, but that’s fine. I have enough d4’s already and honestly, the fewer d4’s you have, the better. If you lose one and accidentally step on it later… Well, there’s a reason they’re commonly called caltrops.

Now, totaling it all up, I got 87 random dice in the pound. A little less than my last pound had, but it makes sense. The dice are sold by weight, so if you get a lot of heavier dice (the d20’s, d10’s, and large d6’s) like I did you’ll get fewer dice in total. Add in the 7 dice from the matched set that comes with the pound and the 7 borealis dice and the count rises to 101 new dice joining my collection today.

This means that as of this morning I own a grand total of 320 dice. Not bad at all.



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  1. Beth / Oct 25 2011 6:13 pm

    So much FUN! Do you have them in bowls or bottles — how do you display/store them?

    • thriftomancer / Oct 25 2011 9:03 pm

      Yay, dice~

      As for storage, generally in bags. I’ve got a main one for 95% of the collection and a smaller travel one that I schlep to games. The new ones are chilling out in a bowl on my desk at the moment, waiting for me to finish my newest dice bag. I’ll probably have a tutorial on it up sometime in the semi-near future.

  2. Beth / Nov 7 2011 8:38 am

    Oh, they are so pretty & intriguing, *if* they were mine, I would keep them in little bowls & have them around like candy dishes. Then scoop them into the bags when you need to take them somewhere.

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