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10/12/2011 / thriftomancer

Getting stuff done

It’s been a busy two days.

Yesterday was the starting bell for costume creation. It’s going well. Shockingly fast, but well. My costume is done as of this morning, though I may still make a mask.

Gropaga robe

(Don’t worry about the skull, Roberta’s just a resin cast. Needed her to hold the hood draped properly. It’s uncanny how well she balances on the dressmaker’s dummy though.)

The interesting thing about said costume, aside from it going from cloth to robe in roughly four hours, is I almost didn’t have enough fabric. The piece I used came from a manufacturer’s seconds/scrap sale held years ago. The maker, product name, and even material composition were all complete mysteries. If I had run out while cutting, there would have been no way for me to find more of the stuff. (I know it looks like simple red fabric, but it’s actually a demi-felted maybe-wool knit of some sort. Never seen anything like it before.)

The only reason I didn’t run out is that I altered the pattern slightly. I’m little and well aware of it. Even when I’m using patterns sized for an average woman, I end up having to take some fabric off the bottom hem or shorten the sleeves a tic; and the pattern I used (Simplicity 5840) is sized for men and meant to drag on the ground to boot. So I altered the length and width of the body panels when I cut them, taking a generous cut out of the bottom and sides, as well as a little off the end of the sleeves. The hood’s shape also incurred a little editing.

Despite all that, I still couldn’t be sure there would be enough fabric until I started cutting and there very nearly wasn’t. I ended up having to add a pieced panel to the back of the hood to get enough width on it and cut the two yoke pieces slightly off-grain. (Oddly, this fabric doesn’t seem to have a straight of grain so it hasn’t mattered too much.) The fact that this robe got made at all is pure luck.

As for the other costume, Black Mage is underway but nowhere near as complete. Yesterday afternoon I went with my bud, who shall be henceforth referred to as “The Pup”, to buy fabric. We found a blue for the robe (108″ wide fabric is cool.) and some see-through (from the inside) black stuff for the head/hood. Hat fabric, which is to be yellow-gold instead of bright yellow, was put on hold until we figure out exactly how we’ll make the stupidly oversized wizard’s hat and yardage requirements.

The visibility from under the black fabric, a little eerie, but should be fine for walking around a half-lit city.

Visibility check

I washed and ironed it all this afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll cut the pieces for the robe (Pup is still no good at cutting fabric accurately) and he’ll try his hand at the actual sewing. We should be able to get it done long before Halloween.

After that, I started work on my ToA quilt again. The back’s finally finished and pressed and the top is basted to the batting. With any luck I’ll be able to squeeze in putting a pillowcase binding on it before I head off to work tomorrow.


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