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10/11/2011 / thriftomancer

Halloween’s coming!

Out of every western holiday, Halloween is my undisputed favorite. After all, when else can you dress up in a gorilla suit and run around in the night pestering your neighbors for candy without the police being called to collect you? ‘Tis truly a beautiful thing. As such, I’m postponing my quilting exploits to create my costume.

This year, I shall be a gropaga!

For those of you who don’t know your memes, gropagas are the followers of Inglip and receive their instructions via reCAPCHA. It’s an ongoing narrative spawned from the depths of rage comics that I quite like. (Be warned, as they deal with rage comics, some of those links may have images edging on NSFW.) I’ve also got several yards of a light, blood-red wool (I think) fabric that’s been laying about for years. So come the 31st, a gropaga I shall be.

I’m still unsure if I’ll make an OMG Rage Face mask. I could, but I feel like I should focus on the robe first. That, and helping my bud sew his Black Mage costume.

It’ll certainly be a busy month. I already have the necessary patterns and plenty of experience making garments like these, but it’s still a lot to do. The payoff, however, will totally be worth it.

Candy candy candy candy…


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