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10/06/2011 / thriftomancer

Back Underway

Yesterday morning I finally decided on a design for the backing of my ToA quilt and started in on fabricating it. It’s going to be pieced and made of the same repurposed linen as the top. I figure even though it will be a bit more work, a relatively simple but bold design will be a far cooler backing than a solid panel of cotton. If I’ve done this much piecing on the front already, what’s a little more?

Here’s a shot of my pieces for the design segment, cut and waiting to be joined. Each of those blocks is 9.5″ square for a finished size of 9″ x 9″. As you may guess from the pile of black linen in the corner, the rest of the backing will be a field of black. Right now I have the four columns of the design panel pieced, pressed, and chilling out downstairs.

ToA backing WIP

When I’m finished the backing should be approximately 82″ wide by 88″ long. (The dimensions of the top, give or take a quarter inch here and there. It got a little wibbly in places, so as long as I’m within half an inch of proper all over it’ll be fine.) That’s pretty convenient, seeing as how I started work with 9″ wide (when finished) strips. Nine of those plus and extra inch will give me the entire width I need quickly. I’ll probably use up all of my black linen, but it’ll be worth it.


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