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09/29/2011 / thriftomancer

Food and Progress

Two subjects today.

First, my pop is either a culinary mastermind or some sort of twisted, evil genius. He doesn’t cook often, but when he does the process is always highly improvised, disturbingly spontaneous, and usually yields tasty results against all odds.

Tonight’s dinner was this.

Wicked scrambled eggs

Scrambled duck eggs with smoked salmon (that he caught up north and smoked), sharp cheddar and asiago, wild shaggy mane mushrooms (that he picked from the yard), and a liberal dosing of garlic salt, basil, and pepper. (I had mine with a glass of milk and a nice cup of Assam black tea.) Off-putting to look at, but absolutely delicious. Way to go dad!

Biology note: Shaggy mane mushrooms (Coprinus comatus) have a peculiar effect on the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol. They contain a chemical called coprine that acts almost identically to the drug Disulfiram, interfering with the liver’s enzymatic reactions for processing of alcohol into acetic acid. This causes a hypersensitivity to alcohol that manifests as a near-instant hangover after drinking and a good chance of accidentally poisoning yourself with only a little alcohol. If you eat shaggy manes you should not, under any circumstances, drink alcohol for at least the next three days. It takes the body a while to entirely flush coprine from its system and if you drink before that period’s up, you’ll be most unhappy.

Cool, huh?

The next order of business is that, after a time before the sewing machine, I’ve managed to complete the top of my ToA quilt. Huzzah! It’s not fully pressed yet, but all the pieces are together so I call it a success. Have a look.

ToA - Top complete!

What I need to do now is design the back, which I have several ideas for at the mo. All I need to do is determine the final dimensions needed and decide what my level of patience is. Am I willing to put in a few more days’ effort to make a complex pieced backing or will it be done in a single sitting? Not sure just yet.

I also started a few more log cabin blocks. Right now I have 15 finished completely, 16 in various stages of completion, and 11 waiting to be started. It’s all coming along rather well, I think.


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  1. Beth / Oct 9 2011 10:22 pm

    The meal looks — well, sounds — delicious. The most exotic mushroom I’ve ever had is a morell, other wild ‘shrooms always seemed too dangerous.
    I LOVE ToA.

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