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09/20/2011 / thriftomancer

Camping at the end of the world

And we’re back to quilting.

I began to really run out of scrappy strips of linen, so I shelved the log cabin project for the present and started in on another thing that’s been waiting patiently in my ‘to make’ queue: The TENTS OF ARMAGEDDON (yes, it’s always going to be caps’d and italicized) pattern idea I wrote about a post back.

This is what I have so far.

Tents of Armageddon WIP - layout

The fabric is, as usual, entirely repurposed linen. I’m also planning, when I get to the proper stage, to piece together a bunch of smaller sections of batting I have left over from past projects and use them that way. (It seems like I’m always stash busting, even when I don’t mean to…)

That piece of paper near the upper edge of the quilt (which is really the right edge when the thing’s viewed from the proper direction) is the tentative layout plan I drew up. Sort of noteworthy because I usually don’t. I’ll choose the rough dimensions, shapes, and colors of my quilts in advance; but an actual design plan involving color placement that I manage to stick to is practically unheard of due to my usual constraints (having enough fabric in the right colors) and proclivity for randomly changing things on the fly.

However, this time around I broke out my colored pencils and trusty graph paper to figure out a basic color layout in blues and browns. (That’s probably my favorite color combination and I have absolutely no idea why.) By the time I finished there were three possible options with several variations on each.

You’re likely unable to see it from this photo, but the layout I decided to work from only has the upper halves of each half square triangle block colored in. I cut those out first and laid them out to see how they looked together, debating whether to make the lower halves all natural linen or if they should also be colored fabric. Clearly I chose the latter option. The colors used for each section were still up in the air, so I spent a day comparing, cutting, and arranging the pieces to this final layout.

It’s 14 columns by 15 rows, so there’ll be a lot of piecing to do. The relatively simplicity of it should make the work go fast enough though. What worries me is if I’ll be able to keep all the blocks in order as I work. Like I said, the lower halves aren’t recorded on the layout, but that’s what yon photo is for: Making sure all’s as it should be and I’m not doing anything dumb. (I’ll admit, I am prone to occasional bouts of accidental dumbery.) Should be fun.



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  1. Beth / Sep 20 2011 11:00 pm

    Looks like the perfect quilt for the End Times — if you are raptured, can I have it?

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