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09/05/2011 / thriftomancer

Zooming along

Gotta admit, this leg of the project is going much faster than I anticipated. I mentioned yesterday that I had four blocks done and three coming along. As of this evening I have ten finished and two more halfway done. These wonky log cabins take a lot less time to produce than I expected them to. Being free to just throw piece together with complete disregard for any color scheme or design is unspeakably fun though. A good exercise is improvisation and creative design. Mayhap even tutorial-worthy.

The only thing that worries me is that after making ten blocks (I’ll need 42 total) I’ve already burned my way through nearly half of the strips I had. Seems one batch of scraps just won’t be enough to finish this project and I’ll have to put it in UFO stasis for a while. But I planned for that to happen, so all’s well.

Now, the blocks. I’ve only got images of blocks number 1 through 8 right now, as I finished numbers 9 and 10 after the sun set. (I’ll get them in a group with the finished 11 and 12 some time tomorrow when the light’s proper.)

Here are 1 through 4.

Multi-Housetop Blocks 1 - 4

And 5 through 8.

Multi-Housetop Blocks 1 - 4

There are close-up shots of each individual block on my Flickr Photostream if you’d like a better look, but this is how it goes thus far.


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