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08/15/2011 / thriftomancer

It’s Finished!

That’s right, my scrap quilt is finally done and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Tiny Scrappy Squares

About a month from start to finish. Considering that I hand-quilted this (like all my quilts) I think I made pretty good time on it too.

Now the disclosure: I actually finished this quilt last Wednesday evening and put off taking the picture until Thursday so I could get the shot in the morning light instead of night’s disappointing incandescent. However, I’ve since been distracted by the next phase of stash-busting.

That’s right! It’s not done yet.

The quilt handled the large and medium-sized pieces, but there’s always a smaller scrap. Phase two of Operation Stash-bust involves one of my favorite regular polygons and a lot of them. That’s right, I’m making hexagons. Gods help me.


While I certainly don’t have the patience to sit and make a full-sized paper-pieced quilt of hexagons (or even a small quilt of them for that matter), I still love the things. In fact, they’re high on my list of things I enjoy using/making/collecting far too much; right behind tea, polyhedral dice, and new office supplies.

Hexagons are absolutely incredible, nature’s perfect polygon, and though I may not have an immediate use for all the hexes I’ll be creating (except for a ‘how to make hexes’ mini-tutorial mayhap) it’s better that I have a bunch of inspiring units like hexes lying about than yet another bag of scraps.



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  1. Molly / Aug 15 2011 9:41 pm

    Love that quilt! The hand quilting is a perfect touch. I’m impressed that it only took a month!

  2. Alison / Aug 16 2011 1:10 pm

    Hurrah for hand quilters as I am one of them too! Lovely scrap quilt.

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